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Tune in to Canada's most famous ad man Terry O’Reilly as he spills a career's worth of marketing secrets. Known for his CBC radio shows O’Reilly on Advertising and The Age of Persuasion, his latest book is based on lessons learnt from his current popular show Under the Influence.

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Thursday, October 12. 7:30pm. Arden Theatre.  

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Terry O’Reilly was an award-winning copywriter for a number of Toronto advertising agencies, and created campaigns for a number of top brands, including Goodyear Tires, Tim Hortons and the Hudson’s Bay Company. In 1990, he co-founded Pirate Radio & Television, creating scripts, sound and music for radio and TV commercials.

O’Reilly has been given a number of lifetime achievement awards and has won hundreds of national and international awards for his writing and directing. He has worked with such notable actors as Alec Baldwin, Ellen DeGeneres and Bob Newhart. When he’s not creating advertising, he’s talking about it as the host of the award-winning radio show, Under The Influence.

In 2009 he co-wrote the best-selling, witty and irreverent The Age of Persuasion: How Marketing Ate Our Culture. In his 2017 book, This I Know: Marketing Lessons From Under the Influence, O'Reilly collects a lifetime of marketing wisdom into an indispensable guide to competing for your customers' attention.

In demand as a keynote speaker, we are delighted to welcome O’Reilly to St. Albert. Whether you are in business, love his radio show, or simply want an evening with a brilliant raconteur, you will love this STARFest event.

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