joy fielding
Photo by Mark Raynes Roberts 2018
Joy Fielding
All the Wrong Places
Tuesday, Oct. 15 | 7:30 PM | Arden Theatre
Thrills and chills abound in All the Wrong Places as four women who decide to try online dating run afoul of a tech-savvy killer who is using the app to target his victims. Joy Fielding’s latest novel is a complex, electrifying thriller about friendship, jealousy and passion--a deadly combination. She will be in conversation with mystery author Janice MacDonald.

STARFest Facts
Joy Fielding is the bestselling author of The Bad Daughter, She's Not There, Someone Is Watching, Charley's Web, Heartstopper, Mad River Road, See Jane Run and other acclaimed novels.

In her latest, electrifying thriller All the Wrong Places, four women turn to online dating, hoping to right-swipe their way to love and happiness. Paige and Heather are locked in a lifelong rivalry that recently culminated in Heather taking Paige's boyfriend for herself. Paige's mother, Joan, is trying to recover after the death of the love of her life two years ago. And Paige's longtime friend, Chloe, plans to replace her abusive ex-husband as soon as the divorce papers are signed. Together, the women are navigating the choppy waters of online dating, until one of them unwittingly makes a date with a killer, starting the clock on a race to save her life.

Joy Fielding divides her time between Toronto and Palm Beach, Florida.
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Janice MacDonald is a Canadian writer of literary and mystery novels, textbooks, nonfiction, and stories for both adults and children. She is best known as the creator of a series of comic academic mystery novels featuring reluctant amateur sleuth Miranda "Randy" Craig, all of which are set in Edmonton, Alberta.