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Travel east with Emma Hooper. Her debut novel, Etta and Otto and Russell and James, about a cross-country journey, is reminiscent of a fable. Her mythical style continues in her much-anticipated second novel Our Homesick Songs which takes us out to Newfoundland.
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Thursday, October 18. 7pm. St. Albert Public Library.

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Alberta-raised Emma Hooper is a Senior Lecturer in Commercial Music in the UK. Her acclaimed debut novel, Otto and Etta and Russell and James, was written over two years, fitted around her jobs as a lecturer and a touring and session violinist. Hooper is still performing on the festival circuit and with a string quartet.

Otto and Etta and Russell and James is a love letter to Hooper’s homeland with the story of 82-year-old Etta undertaking a 2,000 mile walk from Saskatchewan to the ocean, leaving her husband at home. Hooper's novel, with its spare, evocative prose, seamlessly interweaves the main characters’ present-day lives with their stories of the past.

Hooper’s new novel, Our Homesick Songs, presents a lyrical, charming, and mystical story of a family on the edge of extinction on the wind-blown shores of Newfoundland, and the different way each of them fights to keep hope, memory, and love alive. Hooper paints a gorgeous portrait, weaving together four different stories and two generations. Told in her signature ethereal style, each page of this novel glows with mythical, musical wonder.

Host Matthew Stepanic is a freelance writer and poet. His first book - the collaborative novel Project Compass - was published last year.

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