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David Johnston



Be inspired by our esteemed former Governor General and author of the bestsellers The Idea of Canada and Ingenious, as he talks about his book, Trust, a very timely guide for restoring personal, community, and national trust.

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Wednesday, October 17. 7pm. Arden Theatre.


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One of Canada's most respected and beloved governors general, David Johnston served as dean of law at Western University, principal of McGill University, and president of the University of Waterloo. He is the author or co-author of twenty-five books, holds honorary doctorates from over twenty universities, and is a Companion of the Order of Canada.

Mr. Johnston’s new book, Trust: Twenty Ways to Build a Better Country, identifies the 20 ways we can make ourselves, our organizations, and our institutions even more worthy of trust, and in doing so build a better Canada for coming generations and the world. This new book is in part a follow-up to The Idea of Canada, in that the author draws upon his own remarkable experience to illustrate where his strong convictions have come from. He speaks directly to the reader, offering practical advice about the attitudes, approaches and habits that make a person trustworthy. He offers compelling evidence that enduring community trust can be built with simple techniques, and he shows how a whole nation can become trustworthy and, ultimately, trusted by its citizens, allies, trading partners and others.


Host Dr. David Turpin is the 13th President and Vice-chancellor of the University of Alberta. One of Canada's most admired and respected post-secondary leaders, he is a member of the Order of Canada.

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