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The Two Faces of a Writer

Choose your favourite – Davidson or Cutter. From boxing and dog fights to zombies and werewolves, from lunatic prison inmates to grisly dismemberment, Craig Davidson and his alter-ego Nick Cutter bring us stories of immense power, accurate insights, and go-for-broke horror. Author Todd Babiak will be hosting this thrilling ride.

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Saturday, October 17. 7pm. St. Albert Public Library.

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Craig Davidson has published four books of literary fiction. He is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and his articles have been published in the National Post, Esquire, GQ, The Walrus, and The Washington Post, among others. His first short story collection, Rust and Bone (2005), was a finalist for the Danuta Gleed Literary Award, was turned into an acclaimed film in 2012 and also adapted into a play. Davidson followed with The Fighter in 2007 and Sarah Court in 2010. His most recent novel, Cataract City was shortlisted for the 2013 Scotiabank Giller Prize.

In addition to his literary fiction, Davidson’s alter ego Nick Cutter is hailed as one of the great horror writers of the day. Both The Troop and The Deep met with critical acclaim; Cutter is the winner of the inaugural James Herbert Award for Horror Writing celebrating the boldest and most exciting talent in the genre. His 2015 book, The Acolyte, is about a society ruled by religion that’s both uncomfortably recognizable and completely alien. And as in his previous books, Cutter heartily embraces horror fiction while pushing it beyond its limitations.

Todd Babiak is an award-winning author, screenwriter, entrepreneur and former Edmonton Journal columnist. His most recent book is the literary thriller, Come Barbarians.


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