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Identity and Belonging

Explore Lawrence Hill’s anticipated new novel, The Illegal – just days after publication. Hill’s work is greatly influenced by his American-immigrant parents’ efforts in the human rights movement; but his latest book may also have been influenced by his ambition to be an Olympic runner, with the story of a man running not only as an athlete, but for his very life.

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Friday, September 11. 7pm. Arden Theatre.

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Lawrence Hill is the author of ten works of fiction and non-fiction. The Book of Negroes made him a household name; it met with critical acclaim and was awarded the prestigious Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize, the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Overall Best Book and won CBC’s Canada Reads. It was recently adapted as a six-part TV miniseries, co-written by Hill.

In 2013, Hill published the essay Dear Sir, I Intend to Burn Your Book: An Anatomy of a Book Burning and wrote the non-fiction book Blood: the Stuff of Life which won the Hamilton Literary Award for non-fiction and formed the basis of his 2013 Massey Lectures. 

His new book, The Illegal, is Hill’s fourth novel. It tells the story of a young marathon runner fleeing for his life and forced into hiding from a repressive government. This is the ‘new underground,’ a hidden society made up of people who are denied the basics of life because they don’t have the necessary paperwork to make them full citizens. With close to one million copies of his books in print, fans have been eagerly awaiting this new novel.

Diana Davidson returns as a popular host. Her debut novel Pilgrimage, set on a Métis settlement in the 1890s, made the top five for the 2014 Alberta Readers’ Choice Awards.


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