2022 STARFest Director's Message

STARFest Director

I was one of those kids who repeatedly got caught reading under the covers with a flashlight at midnight. Once I realized that you could discover whole new worlds, meet amazing people, and experience mind-blowing heights and crushing lows within the pages of a book, I was hooked.

As an adult, I still stay up too late reading, and I’ll read anything (ask me about my shark book obsession). As a librarian, I love helping people discover new titles, new authors and new themes to explore. I get excited that there are so many pathways into a book, so many ways to love the words and the stories. Any book can be a good book for the right person.

2022 brings us a very exciting year for STARFest. After 2 virtual festivals, we will be able to gather together and share a room with our favourite authors and new voices! I'm looking forward to coming out from behind the webcam and doing one of my favourite things: talking about books with members of the community. Welcome back!

Michelle Steinhusen, STARFest Director