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Share in the life of a counterculture family with Cea Sunrise Person as she discusses her memoirs North of Normal and Nearly Normal about her growing up in the wilderness of Alberta, BC and the Yukon and then going on to a successful modelling career at age 13.

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Sunday, October 29. 2:00pm. St. Albert Public Library.  

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Cea Sunrise Person has written two bestselling memoirs, and is at work on her first novel.

In North of Normal Person describes growing up in the early 1970s amid the "tipi camp" where her extended family was squatting. With a free-spirited teenage mother and pot-smoking grandparents, it was a challenging life with no running water, eating whatever her grandfather happened to hunt.

It was a modelling competition that allowed Person finally to find her own identity. By age 15, she was working in
Manhattan and Paris and doing photo shoots in glamorous locales. In her 20s, she lived and worked in Europe as a catalogue model, and then retired from full-time modelling at age 29.

Three years on from the publication of North of Normal, Person has returned with the continuation of her story. Nearly Normal: Surviving the Wilderness, My Family and Myself, is told in short vignettes that shift in time and space—from her childhood to her modelling, to her two marriages and motherhood. The book includes a number of stories that didn’t make it into the first volume. Person identifies how her family's extreme behaviour contributed to her downfall at the same time as providing valuable life lessons, and the power of taking responsibility for her own choices in the face of great challenge.

Host Miji Campbell is a writer and teacher. Her work has appeared in numerous publications and has been broadcast on CBC Radio. She owns a writing workshops business. Her first book is Separation Anxiety.


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